Video: It’s Finally On – We Drag Race ALL The EV Trucks You Can Buy to See Which One RULES the Rest!

All these trucks are seriously quick, but which one is the *quickest*?

(Image: TFL Studios)

It took over a year to get all the EV trucks you can currently buy for a drag race – but here it is!

Honestly, a drag race and quarter-mile times shouldn’t be part of comparing all the EV trucks you can purchase, but we knew this is what you wanted. Right? Each truck showcases their automaker’s different philosophy, be it serious work (F-150 Lightning Pro) or illogical fun (Hummer EV), these trucks are unique. One thing they all have in common: they are ridiculously fast. Even compared with monsters like the Raptor and TRX, these all-electric trucks are much faster.

Now, we know that pricing has changed recently, but the prices we are using are the prices listed on these trucks on their stickers. That is to say, they are all priced before markups, and before “adjustments” that have been made by some automakers. Let’s see what we got.

Ford Lightning Pro ($45,900)

Equipped with dual motors and a 98 kWh battery, the biggest option the Lightning Pro has is the Pro Power system. It makes a combined 426 horsepower with its two electric motors and has a projected range of 230 miles.

Ford Lightning Lariat ($81,000)

The Lariat has the bigger 125 kWh battery and it makes 580 combined horsepower. It also weighs a lot more than the bare-bones Lightning Pro. This is the same truck we took up to Alaska for our Northern Lightning adventure.

Rivian R1T ($88,000)

Powered by quad motors that make a combined 835 horsepower, the Rivian is the smallest of the three trucks. Scott, from Rivian Dad on YouTube, loaned his truck to us for a run on our dragstrip. To be honest, the R1T is a favorite among many of the TFL Studios staff.

GMC Hummer ($114,000)

Equipped with three motors making a total of 1,000 horsepower, GMC calls the Hummer EV their “moonshot.” Considering all the tech they baked into the truck, it’s a fitting assessment. The mission statement for the Hummer is very similar to the Hummer H2, which TFL and Andre once owned: big, bold, and off-road capable.

Spoiler Alert:

gmc hummer ev rivian ford lightning drag race numbers results

You need to watch this video to see that horsepower doesn’t necessarily win all races. Or you can read from our band of dedicated spoiler comments, who spend all day finding the results so you don’t have to. Either way, seeing these things actually race is pretty damn entertaining!