The New Airstream Rangeline Brings the Ram ProMaster #Vanlife To a Whole New Luxurious Level!

Just take a look inside.

Images: Airstream/THOR Industries

Looking carefully at the “Van-Life” movement, designers built the Airstream Rangeline to be easy to drive, utilitarian and luxurious while camping.

One of the most notable points of the new Airstream Rangeline is that it’s the RV builder’s first time using a Ram Promaster 3500 as the base of their motor home. This means they can take advantage of the Promaster’s low floor, and excellent maneuverability. It also means the RV will have to make use of the 280 horsepower Pentastar V6 that makes 260 lbs-feet of torque. This 3.6-liter unit is known to be fairly reliable, but it’s not as torque-happy as other options. It’s hooked up to a nine-speed automatic transmission that feeds the front wheels.

Normally, the 3500 has a 9,350 GVWR, which is more than adequate for other RV builders who’ve used this platform. It’s also rated to tow a maximum of 6,700 lbs. With that being said, there should be lower levels of towing and hauling as the added weight of the RV’s interior should bring those numbers down a bit. At the time of the press release, towing and hauling numbers could not be located.

“We’re in a new travel reality, where freedom and flexibility are top of mind for more and more people. Rangeline is the result of extensive research and dedication to understanding the van life movement and what customers want from their experience. It’s a thoughtfully-designed, highly capable, multi-purpose van that handles like a daily driver, and it’ll open a new world of Airstream adventures to one of the fastest growing segments in the RV industry.”

Bob Wheeler, Airstream President and CEO.

The Airstream Rangeline is still a van – all hail #VanLife!

Unlike several RV’s that are based on a chassis cab setup, which allows them to place their own shell on the platform, the Airstream Rangeline uses the Ram’s shell. That keeps the exterior dimensions tight, allowing for easier driving, daily. The setup allows for a large rear bed, and additional sleeping areas, depending on your needs. The roof can expand for more sleeping above as well.

The pilot and front passenger chair can swivel, facing the rear bench at a multi-configurable table. That bench seat can sleep a small passenger too.

The Rangeline has a small kitchen, a compact toilette/wet-bath, and a 270Ah lithium battery bank and a 2,000-watt power inverter. It also has a hydronic heating and hot water system. To keep the complexity of this system in check, it uses the ProMaster’s fuel system to run this system.

Here are the highlights:

  • All-electric appliances, including a 3.2 cu. ft. refrigerator, .4 cu. ft. freezer, and a stowable electric stovetop
  • Hydronic heating and hot water system for on-demand hot water and interior heat. Which is powered by the gasoline in the vehicle’s fuel tank
  • A 2.8 kW generator which also draws fuel from the gas tank. It can operate the air conditioner while away from shore power
  • Firefly®multiplex control panel for managing and monitoring lighting and onboard systems
  • Space-saving wet bath with sink, shower, and toilet
  • Convenient pet amenities built into the design. It has an integrated pet bowl pull-out drawer and exterior leash attachment on the running board
  • Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) panels mounted on both rear doors allow for customizable gear storage with easy access to outdoor equipment
  • Integrated L-track storage system gives owners the ability to safely secure larger equipment like bikes, fishing gear, luggage, and more
  • Standard RV water hookups are concealed in an external compartment, while sewer and electric hookups are tucked away below the vehicle
  • Sleek automotive design with a bold, painted black grille
  • European-inspired interior featuring dynamic galley, sleeping, and living areas
  • Flex table system offers expandable space for meals or work
  • Soft-closing drawers and posi-lock cabinets for securing items while traveling

One of the compelling parts of this RV comes from the lauded Airstream interior design. This is an extremely compact motor home, and it still has some utility as a van. Overall, the high quality interior design, the east to drive demeanor, and it’s stealthy exterior impresses.

The 2022 Airstream Rangeline Touring Coach’s MSRP is $131,882. Dealerships are taking orders now.

If you would like more information on this, or other Airstream units, visit their website (here).

We will bring you a hands-on video in the future.

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