New 2023 Ford Super Duty F-450 and F-250 Diesels Are Spied Towing Trailer in the Colorado Mountains

What is going on with that test trailer?

2023 ford f-450 dually turbo diesel
images: Zach Jeppson

The official world debut of the redesigned 2023 Ford Super Duty truck lineup is coming up, and we get another preview with several prototypes spied towing trailers high in the Colorado mountains. Thanks to Zach Jeppson for providing these images to us.

One noteworthy prototype is a large F-450 dually crew cab prototype that is part of this group. Ford has been selling a “consumer” version of the heavier F-450 pickup truck (not a commercial chassis cab) for some time. Now, it appears the big and luxurious F-450 is returning for 2023 and beyond. If you look closely, this prototype is riding on 10-lug wheels that are indicative of the F-450, F-550, and F-600 models.

What’s going on with this test trailer? It appears to have two air conditioner units on top, and the rear door is bashed in. Is it carrying lots of computer equipment for testing? Is it simulating a camping trailer? Is this a test of the latest hybrid powertrain? We may never know for sure.

Zach spied another 2023 Super Duty model with a trailer in tow. This appears to be an F-250 crew cab with a Power Stroke turbo-diesel under the hood. It has the diesel exhaust pipes coming out on the passenger side, just as they are on the current model. Will it also offer a hybrid model with an inverter/generator system? We don’t know this for sure yet, but some anonymous sources say that a hybrid Super Duty is unlikely (at least for 2023). We will have to wait and see what Ford officially announces. You can be sure that TFLtruck will be there and bring your all of the latest information and video.

The new 2023 Super Duty is also rumored to get an updated interior that is largely shared with the current 2021+ F-150. Once again, we will have to wait and see it for ourselves.

Here is another look at the new 2023 Ford Super Duty grille. Take a look at this video.