Video: This Fully Loaded All-new Western Star 57X Semi Truck Drives Like a Camry – Here’s Why!

It's a 78,000 Lbs test drive.

2023 western star 57x semi truck review big rig

The new 2023 Western Star 57X semi truck is finally here. It features the latest efficiency improvement and driver-assistance technologies that make it easy to drive. In this video, Kase jumps behind the wheel of this new big rig at a proving grounds closed-course highway to see what it’s like to drive a truck and trailer with a combined weight of 78,000 lbs. Is it simply a Freightliner Cascadia with a different front end? Here is what happens.

The front of the 57X is new with the latest design and headlights with optional two-stage heating elements. This will help melt snow and ice from the lights or remove condensation for better visibility. The latest chassis allows for the engine and transmission to sit a little lower for a better center of gravity. It allows for a lower hood line that in turn improves aerodynamics and forward visibility.

Under the hood is a selection of proven Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15, or DD16 turbo-diesel engines that offer up to 600 horsepower and 2,050 lb-ft of torque. The DT12 automated manual transmission is sending the power to the axles.

Join Kase in the video below for the entire driving experience of the newest long-haul big rig.