(Video) Controlling Your Truck Is Easier Than Ever! This New Alexa System Can Learn From You

2022 lincoln navigator ford f-150 lightning alexa

Alexa in-car (truck) integration has been updated, and Andre takes us through the details on the streets of Manhattan!

First of all, Alexa in-car integration is nothing new. It’s been around a few years (five years in Ford products). The amount of vehicles Alexa is used in has substantially increased. The Alexa system works with infotainment, HVAC controls, and a variety of onboard convenience settings as well. More importantly, it now does a lot more, and it can learn!

Among many automakers, products from Toyota, Volkswagen, Stellantis, and Ford are Alexa equipped – the vehicle Andre is focusing on in this video is the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. Andre and Alex attended the 2022 New York Auto Show, covering a variety of debuts – including this tech demonstration set up by Ford/Lincoln.

Alexa is part of the SYNC4 system. It’s in the 2022 Lincoln Navigator Andre is using as a demonstrator.

One of the ways Andre demonstrates Alexa’s new capacity to learn is with the heating system. He activates the system by telling it he’s cold. After he has a brief conversation, the system responds by acknowledging it will bump the temperature by five degrees when prompted. Later on, he simply tells the system “he’s cold” – and Alexa responds by immediately upping the temperature by five degrees.

Option to show how the system can answer random questions, Andre switched gears. He (foolishly) decided to ask about the last football game the Denver Broncos played. Andre is a Denver Broncos fan. Sadly, he was reminded that the Chiefs beat the Broncos 28 to 24 IN Denver, on January 8th – 2022. To cover up his embarrassment, he immediately asked the system to give him a list of the closest museums. In a matter of seconds, he got a response.

Essentially, the system works like the ones millions of consumers own at home. The big difference is the ability to also run electronics onboard the Navigator AND learn the driver’s preferences.

There’s a lot more to see, and, in this video, Andre takes you through the updates on a comprehensive tour of this new tech.

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