Video: I Tow 400 Miles With My Ram HD Cummins: Will the Truck Make It on a Single Tank of Diesel?

Image: TFLtruck

Our recently purchased Ram HD Cummins (2500) made the round-trip trek from Boulder to Rifle, Colorado on a single tank of fuel; or did it?

Andre is a long-distance driving fool in our Ram HD Cummins. In one day, he drove from Boulder to Rifle, CO, and back – retrieving our new lightweight Aluma aluminum trailer. This was a big day for us, as we not only acquired an excellent trailer for towing our vehicles, we got a real world MPG run too.

Not only is our new Aluma Trailer very light, it is low-slung and long (about 24 feet). It’s something we’ve been missing. Our other trailer is stout and capable, but it’s heavy and a bit of an issue for vehicles with low ground clearance to board.

Andre went to Rifle Truck and Trailer where our new Aluma Trailer waited.

The trip took 195 miles on the first leg, averaging about 20.7 MPG. That’s impressive considering the bulk of our Ram HD 2500 and the mountain passes Andre went over. Now, the trick is what will happen when a 2,050-lbs (with two 5,200 lbs axles) trailer is pulled. This Aluma trailer is the Executive model that comes with a large air damn and a Demco EZ latch coupler. The all extrusion-built aluminum trailer also comes with unique in-floor “runway” lights and a cargo box. The payload on our new trailer is approximately 8,000-lbs, and it has a 24-foot deck.

The price for our Executive Aluma trailer is about $18,000.

Image: Aluma Trailers

Heading home with our Ram HD Cummins and Aluma Trailer

It’s not just the weight to keep in mind, but the drag. This trailer has two 5,200 lbs axles (and four tires) which contribute to drag, but it is low and light. As such, aerodynamic and weight penalties will be minimal. Andre got to demonstrate how the new trailer works with the help of an Aluma representative, and his friend’s 2022 Ford F-150 Tremor.

Once underway, Andre sets up the Ram for towing, with the exception of using the exhaust brake. He uses our “Mega Duty” GenY Hitch. As he headed back to Boulder, he decided to set up for a make-shift Ike Gauntlet. Sure, there was no real load on the truck, (usually, we go heavy), but he was curious about Ram’s behavior.

About an hour later, Andre was ready to end the trip with a total of 395 miles traveled. Keep in mind, exactly half the trip was without a trailer. The grand total was 17.87 MPG – which is mighty impressive. In the future, we will be doing many more runs with the Ram HD Cummins as it is our studio truck, and we’ll work it hard.

A special shoutout to Nate Robinson – for helping us make this happen!

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