News: Rivian R1T Adds the Highly Requested Trip Meter Function

It shows the efficiency and energy used.

2022 rivian r1t trip meter
images by: Taylor

New Rivian R1T software update adds the highly requested trip meter function. It adds the very familiar Trip A and Trip B displays. Each trip meter shows the distance traveled since the last reset. It shows the average speed, duration of the trip, efficiency in miles per kWh, and total energy used for that trip.

Thanks to TFLtruck viewer – Taylor – for sending us these images of the latest interface.

When we tested a Rivian R1T truck earlier this year, it did not have any trip meter function. It was a challenge to track the total efficiency and energy usage during our trips. This new trip meter will have it a lot easier. It’s great to see that Rivian is listening to the feedback and updating their interface system with new features.

Here is our gas vs. electric range test video where the trip meter function in the Rivian truck would have been most welcomed.

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