New Window Sticker Data Details Ford F-150 Lightning EPA Range, Efficiency Figures

Assuming they're accurate, these numbers fall in line with what Ford originally claimed

Ford F-150 Lightning range figures — news
The Ford F-150 Lightning should be making its way out to dealers and customers in the coming weeks. (Images: Ford)

The EPA’s official site does not list figures for the Ford F-150 Lightning yet.

However, a member of the F-150Gen14 forums posted some window stickers covering Pro and Platinum models that seem to corroborate what Ford originally claimed for the truck’s range. From what we’re able to tell, these stickers look legitimate, but as the EPA hasn’t officially published range and efficiency figures for the Lightning yet, we have to assume that these numbers could be subject to change.

If we assume they’re true, though, there’s some concrete information on what you can expect with Ford’s first fully-electric truck. The Pro model in its base configuration — with a listed MSRP of $41,669 — does indeed cover 230 miles on a single charge, according to the posted sticker. The “fuel economy” numbers, as such, come in at 78 MPGe City / 61 MPGe Highway / 68 MPGe Combined. That’s with the standard range (98-kWh) battery pack.

The extended range (131-kWh) battery pack, on the other hand, manages 320 miles on a charge. According to that sticker, the Ford F-150 Lighting Pro ER, gets 78 MPGe City / 63 MPGe Highway / 70 MPGe Combined. If those numbers prove accurate in real-world driving, that would put the F-150 Lightning Pro pretty close to the Rivian R1T, and it would actually be slightly more efficient on the city cycle.

The Rivian R1T does have an official EPA range of 314 miles with the “Large” battery pack. Its economy is listed at 74 MPGe City / 66 MPGe Highway / 70 MPGe Combined.

Ford F-150 Lightning range figures — news

The Platinum takes a minor efficiency hit

As for the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum, the window sticker still suggests a 300-mile range for the heavier, more feature-rich truck. You may want to take that with a grain of salt, because while that does match what Ford originally said the ER battery truck’s range would be, the Blue Oval specifically excluded the Platinum from what estimate.

But again, if it does prove true that amounts to efficiency ratings of 73 MPGe City / 60 MPGe Highway / 66 MPGe Combined. Again, we’ll have to see how this truck does in the real world, but expecting at least a range above 270 miles looks reasonable. That said, the Platinum does come in over $90,000, with the particular truck the poster listed packing an MSRP of $93,874.

Ford’s kicking off the F-150 Lightning production and deliveries in the coming weeks, so we’ll know more in time, and will definitely be testing its range and efficiency on our MPG loop when the Lightning arrives.