No Kidding: Audi Is Looking Into Possibly Building An All-Electric Pickup Truck

We've seen some crazy off-roaders from the German brand, so this may not be too far-fetched

(Images: Audi)

Here’s one you probably didn’t expect.

When he was asked about a possible pickup, Audi’s CEO Markus Duesmann said, “I can’t promise that we will do one, but we are looking into it.” Huh.

It’s possible that Audi may have something in mind to compete in the upcoming small to mid-size electric pickup segment. We know that a variety of automakers are in various stages of development with smaller battery electric pickups. Still, this comment coming from a German luxury carmaker was a bit of a surprise.

Reporters gathered during Volkswagen AG’s annual earnings report this week. This event included brands from Bentley and Ducati, who reported on earnings and new products. Audi showed off its Audi A6 Avant E-tron concept, which is expected to be very close to its production version. That’s when reporters began to press Duesmann a bit more.

Audi quattro concept
Image a pickup bed on the back of this Audi AI Quattro concept!

The idea of a pickup coming from Audi is a hell of a surprise.

Per UK-based outlet Autocar:

Audi would not be drawn into giving any further details about any potential pick-up model, but Duesmann did say: “Actually, we will present – not too far from now – maybe something”, hinting at the possibility for an imminent concept unveiling or an official confirmation of the model.

Audi quattro concept

There are a few possible platforms Audi could consider if they’re serious about a pickup truck of some sort. The images you’re seeing in this post are from the Audi AI Quattro concept. It is a skateboard platform EV that shares components with other MEB platform vehicles built by Volkswagen AG. Thus, despite being a concept, it’s based on functional bones. Volkswagen Group also has another scalable ‘PPE’ platform, which may underpin this sort of vehicle as well.

The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz has a 1,433-pound payload capacity. Keep in mind, that’s in European spec, but it’s also based on the MEB platform. As such, there is potential for hefty loads.

And another option still heads in a completely different direction. The upcoming Ford/Volkswagen partnership to build the next Amarok-based on the new Ranger‘s platform. There are multiple rumors about the T6-platform replacement being able to house everything from gas, diesel AND electric powertrains. Ford has experience in this, which makes a Audi based on an Amarok a possibility too.

The bottom line is that Audi may give us something out of left field, and it could be an electric pickup.

It’s nuts, right?

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