Sales: Midsize and Compact Pickup Trucks Rule! GM, Ford, and Jeep Are In a Close Fight For 2nd Place

Jeep, Nissan and Honda have super results, but the Tacoma is still in charge.

2021 q2 q1 first half usa sales toyota tacoma ford ranger chevy colorado gladiator

The results are in and the midsize pickup truck segment continues to grow in the United States. The Toyota Tacoma is still in charge. Toyota sold over a quarter million Tacoma trucks in 2021. General Motors had an especially bad year for Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon sales. However, the new 2022 Nissan Frontier and the updated 2021 Honda Ridgeline are showing great improvements with their updated trucks.

The Ford Ranger sales declined, but not as much as GM trucks did. Ford sold more Ranger pickup trucks than Chevy Colorados or Jeep Gladiators. Still, Jeep had a super year with Gladiator sales climbing +16%. Unless, Ford is able to build more Ranger trucks in 2022 – Jeep may overtake if this sales growth continues.

Nissan had an amazing launch of the new Nissan Frontier. Sales improved +64.7% and if this trend continues, the Frontier may challenge the Chevy Colorado in the sales charts.

U.S. Midsize truck sales: Full-year 2021

Model2021 sales2020 salesChange (%)
Toyota Tacoma252,520238,806+5.7%
GM (COMBINED)*97,133*121,428*-20.0%*
Ford Ranger94,755101,486-6.6%
Jeep Gladiator89,71277,542+16%
– Chevrolet Colorado73,00896,238-24.1%
Nissan Frontier60,69336,845+64.7%
Honda Ridgeline41,35532,168+28.6%
– GMC Canyon24,12525,190-4.2%
*COMBINED: Colorado + Canyon sales

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Both, Ford and Hyundai have a great sales start with their latest compact pickup trucks. The Ford Maverick sales continue to accelerate, and the Hyundai Santa Cruz is doing well also. We will have to wait a bit longer to see how this shakes out.

U.S. Compact truck sales: Full-year 2021

Model2021 sales2020 salesChange (%)
Ford Maverick13,2580New
Hyundai Santa Cruz10,0420New