The 2022 Ford Maverick Is Being Recalled Due to a Possible Fuel Leak Due to a Bedliner Installation

5,456 Ford Mavericks are affected.

2022 ford maverick recall fuel leak bedliner spray install
image: Jeremy F.

Ford is recalling up to 5,456 new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup trucks due to a potential fuel tank leak that may be a result of drilling holes during a spray-in bed-liner installation. If you have a new Ford Maverick and you have a spray-in bed-liner, then you may be affected by this recall.

One of our viewers – Jeremy F. – may have run into this problem with his new Maverick FX4. Here is what Jeremy writes to us:

We picked up our truck in Iowa on Tuesday 12/21 and drove back to Colorado. After dinner on Thursday we started the truck up and noticed a strong fuel smell. We then looked around and saw gas leaking out near the middle of the vehicle on the driver’s side. We shut the vehicle off and had it towed to the nearest Ford dealership the next day. After a quick google search, this recall info came up. Still waiting to have the truck assessed by the service department.

Updated: Dec 29, 2021 – Jeremy says: “We just got our truck back yesterday, turns out the culprit was an unsecured fuel line.

Here is a link to the government NHTSA website that describes this recall in detail.

Here is another image that Jeremy submitted.

image: Jeremy F.

We have not experienced any such issues when the two Ford Maverick trucks we recently tested. Below is a video of us testing a Maverick Hybrid with a heavy load of wood.