Video: This Oshkosh 10×10 Is Being Turned Into the Largest Off-Road Motorhome You Will Ever See

oshkosh pls m1074 10x10 couch off-road

If you ever wanted to bring your entire house with you on your next off-road trip, this Oshkosh M1074 10×10 wants to be the ultimate off-road home away from home. It’s being built by the team at Couch Off-Road in Colorado. It’s based on this massive 10×10 PLS diesel military truck.

PLS stands for Palletized Load System. This truck’s military purpose is to transport large loads and/or shipping containers wherever there is a need. This truck is designed to carry a payload of 16.5 tonnes (approximately 35,000 lbs) over rough terrain. It can probably carry more weight if the need arises. The truck is equipped with a hydraulic crane that can pick up a 20-foot long pallet or a shipping container of approximately the same size.

The 10×10 is powered by a 15.2-liter Caterpillar (C15) diesel I6 engine that can deliver approximately 600 horsepower. A massive Allison 5-speed automatic transmission and an Oshkosh 2-speed transfer case send the power to the ground. This truck is rolling on 53-inch tall all-terrain tires. The front two axles steer. The rear axle counter steers to help this long beast make turns.

This truck can also be very useful as an off-road recovery vehicle. Instead of using a winch, the crane can be used to lift a stuck vehicle and help to drag it to safety.

These trucks can also be equipped with a six-wheel cargo trailer. Couch Off-Road is working to convert this 10×10 and a matching trailer into a massive off-road motorhome. We hope to see it as the project gets closer to completion.

Check out the operation of the crane and a complete walkaround below!