Report: Diesel Fuel Shortage Forces Some Truck Stops to Ration Fill Ups

Some truck stops are limiting fill-ups to 60 gallons.

diesel fuel shortage driver rations

A recent report states that semi-truck stations in several regions are rationing diesel fill-ups in order to deal with a fuel shortage. For example, several truck stops in the southwest region of the U.S. are enforcing a 60-gallon fill-up limit.

How much is 60 gallons of diesel for a typical long-haul semi-truck? This is typically around half of the fuel capacity. When loaded near its 80,000 lbs gross combined weight rating, a semi-truck may be getting between 6.5-7.5 MPG depending on speed or terrain. A loaded truck may be able to go about 420 miles on 60 gallons of fuel.

Here is a list of truck stops as of Nov 8th, 2021 that are rationing diesel fill-ups or are out of diesel fuel.

Petro Eloy, AZ:

Petro Kingman, AZ:

TA Tonopah, AZ:

TA Willcox, AZ:

TA Holbrook, AZ:

TA Eloy, AZ

TA Kingman, AZ:

TA Gallup, NM:

TA Santa Rosa, NM:

TA Moriarty, NM:

TA Las Vegas, NV:

Petro North Las Vegas, NV:

FJP Circleville, OH:

FJP Chillicothe, OH:

FJP Columbus, OH:

FJP London, OH:

This is a dynamic situation and can change quickly. The most recent reports site temporary or regional diesel fuel shortages that are expected to be resolved.