News: Toyota Tacoma Sales Drop Significantly in October, Ford Maverick Outsells the Ridgeline

The Ford Maverick outsells the Honda Ridgeline.

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: image by Toyota

The October U.S. pickup truck sales numbers are in and most models are starting to recover from huge declines in previous months. Surprisingly, the Toyota Tacoma sales declined in a significant way when compared to the same period last year. The demand for new vehicles remains high, and the supply is still short due to component shortages. Here is how Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai stack up against each other.

The Ford sales data comes directly from a Ford sales report. The Toyota truck numbers are provided by the Good Car Bad Car website since Toyota does not make this information easily available. The Honda and Hyundai sales numbers are reported directly by the respective companies. Many other companies on this list report sales on a quarterly (not monthly) basis. This is all the U.S. data we have access to for October.

Full-size Truck U.S. Sales: October 2021

ModelOct 2021Oct 2020Change (%)
GM Trucks (COMBINED)n/a
Ford F-Series68,25971,593-4.7%
Ram Trucksn/a
Chevy Silveradon/a
GMC Sierran/a
Toyota Tundra9,7509,999-2.5%
Nissan Titann/a

The Ford F-series sales appear to be returning to something that can be considered normal. Ford reports strong retail sales for the F-Series and Ford Ranger pickup trucks. The outgoing 2021 Toyota Tundra is still in relatively high demand. Toyota is still selling about 10,000 Tundras per month, as they have been for the last several years.

Mid-size Truck U.S. Sales: October 2021

ModelOct 2021Oct 2020Change (%)
Toyota Tacoma14,65023,774-38.4%
Ford Ranger7,2188,779-17.8%
Jeep Gladiatorn/a
Chevy Coloradon/a
Nissan Frontiern/a
Honda Ridgeline3,2573,401-4.2%
GMC Canyonn/a

It’s unclear why Tacoma sales dipped down this much last month. It may be that some component shortages are finally catching up with Tacoma. Perhaps, there is more competition in this segment as well. We are reaching out to Toyota for comment. The Ford Ranger sales are still down, but they are recovering from where they were over the last couple of months.

Compact Pickup U.S. Sales – October 2021

ModelOct 2021Oct 2020YTD 2021
Ford Maverick4,140n/a4,646
Hyundai Santa Cruz1,848n/a4,433

While the Hyundai Santa Cruz continues steady sales growth over the first three months of reported sales, the new 2022 Ford Maverick is off to a great first full month of sales in October. It will be very interesting to see how these two will over the next several months.