Happy Thanksgiving: Truck Trot – The World’s Most Unpredictable and Electrifying Truck Drag Race!

Stay to the end for a remix.

2022 ford maverick drag race f-150 bronco sasquatch

Honey, I shrunk my F-150! Actually, we did not shrink the F-150 – this is simply the most unpredictable and electrifying Ford Maverick vs F-150 vs Bronco drag race. Nathan and I bring the two pickup trucks, and Roman arrives with our long-term Ford Bronco Sasquatch.

This is also our holiday episode. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours!

The first drag race is between the new Maverick Hybrid and the Ford Bronco. Which one do you think wins? Next, the winner of that race goes up against the F-150 Hybrid and its twin-turbocharged and electrified V6 powertrain.

Join the video for all the fun and please stay to the end for an electrifying remix.