Look Underneath the New Ford Shelby F-150 Truck!

It's packing a 775 HP supercharged V8!

2021 2022 ford f-150 shelby supercharged
images: Tom T.

Take a look underneath this all-new 2021 Ford Shelby F-150. These images come to us thanks to Tom T., who saw this truck being transported near Maybrook, New York. Shelby has announced this next-generation supercharged V8 truck about a month ago, and it appears that one of the first trucks is already being delivered.

The new 2021 Shelby F-150 comes as a crew cab truck with a short bed. It has a suspension lift, adjustable FOX shocks, special Shelby wheels that are wrapped in low-profile BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires.

While the “regular” version of this truck includes a stock 400 horsepower 5.0-liter V8. The truck starts life as an F-150 Lariat. Shelby then adds its unique exterior and interior components: hood, grille, bumpers, tonneau cover, graphics, and more. The truck is lifted, but it also has massive traction bars for the rear axle to help get all of the power to the ground. You can see the rear traction bars in the images below. This helps to prevent axle wrap or axle hop. If the customer selects a supercharged V8 option, the power rating jumps up to 775 horsepower!

Out back is a dual exhaust system that is built and tuned by Borla & Shelby. Take a look at the muffler underneath.

Shelby is limiting the 2021 F-150 manufacturing run to 600 trucks. The pricing ranges between $107,080 – $114,980 depending on if you want the supercharger or not. You can learn more about the Shelby F-150 at the company’s website.

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