Ask TFL: Why Is My New Ford F-150 Order Is Delayed MANY Months – While Some Other Trucks Are Being Sold?

Many new F-150 customers are being forced to wait up to 6 months for their built trucks.

2021 ford f-150 delay michigan
image: April, 2021 near Detroit, MI

TFLtruck has received these messages from several very unhappy prospective new Ford F-150 owners. These people have ordered their new 2021 F-150 trucks several months ago, but they are now being informed that it will have until October 2021 before they may see their new truck and have it in their possession. This is also upsetting when some other new F-150 trucks are being delivered to dealers. What is going on?

TFLtruck does not currently have any special knowledge about what is going on with these trucks and their delivery dates.

Brandon Valentino writes:

I was hoping you’d have some interest in making a video about how Ford is keeping its customers in the dark with our orders. I’ve joined a forum for guys who have a 2021 F150 on order. It appears that trucks built in March and April are parked and waiting for chips while trucks built in May are shipping. I can’t get any answers from my dealer or ford customer service. In that forum, there are links where you can track f150 orders with VIN and order numbers which you can get off dealer websites on sticker windows. It’s extremely frustrating to see many trucks ship while my order sits. My original eta was July 30, then Aug 30, and now Oct 31. There are hundreds of us in that group with similar etas. I’d love for your input.

Message from Teresa Glasscock:

I ordered my F-150 in January and was built in March and just sitting somewhere in Michigan. I had estimated eta of 4/21/21 and now it is 10/31/21. VIN: 1FTFX1E8XMFB29246 🙁 I understand if there is a shortage of chips, but to have trucks built and shipped when ordered months after some of us and receiving their trucks is not right. Another thing that is worrying – what shape are these vehicles going to be in after sitting in lots for months in weather? We are paying a lot of money for new vehicles that are now actually 6 plus months old.

Tom Cavanaugh writes:

I ordered my 2012 F150 on January 21st, it was built on 4/30, and now sits in a lot near Detroit Metro Airport waiting for a module (chip).  If it’s true that many trucks that require this chip are being built and delivered, while many of ours continue to sit on lots, that is an outrage that should be addressed and exposed.

Mark Humphreys writes:

I ordered a new F-150 on 12/29/2020.  The truck was partially built on 3/29/2021.  It now sits on Ramp 59 at the Dearborn facility await chips with an estimated delivery date of 10/31/21.  In the meantime, trucks similar to mine with build dates in April and May have been built, shipped to dealers, and are now in owners’ driveways.  It appears that Ford does not have any priority plan to finish partial build trucks exposed to the elements for more than two months.  Worse yet, Ford has communicated nothing to those customers who have ordered trucks and are awaiting chips. My Vin for my truck is 1FTFW1ED6MFB39398.”

Dave Forsell writes:

I ordered a 2021 F150 on March 13, 2021, and I was told by my dealer that due to the chip shortage it would be 8 to 10 weeks.  Today, my new ETA is Halloween 2021.

Ford announces the company’s U.S. May 2021 sales results. Ford F-Series May 2021 sales is listed at 46,260 trucks. This is listed -29.2% lower than in May 2020 (during pandemic lockdowns).