Video: David’s 1992 Chevy HD 3500 4×4 Project Truck – the Powder Keg – Is Done and Ready For Sale!

It has a 454 cu-in V8 and a manual transmission.

1992 chevy k2500 4x4 454 gas v8 restored truck

They don’t the trucks like they used to. Take a look at this 1992 Chevy K3500 regular cab 4×4 that our friend David has fixed up and restored! This truck – project “Powder Keg” started out in a bit of a rough shape, but it has very good bones. David first purchased this Chevy heavy-duty truck for $2,500. Take a look at the first episode below when you have time.

Episode 1…

This truck has a 454 cu-in (7.4-liter) gas V8 engine under the hood. All this power and torque is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. This transmission has a very low first gear ratio, and it makes this truck a work beast and a great accelerating big truck. Originally, the body of the truck was in a bit of a rough shape, the driver’s door was not closing properly, and it had other issues.

David cleaned up the truck’s body, replaced the driver’s door, repainted the whole truck, added a bedliner to the bed, redid the wheels, got a new grille and lights. David carefully restored the interior as well. It looks like a brand new 1992 truck now!

Check it out in the video below! This will soon be on and it can be yours!