Spied: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Prototype is Towing in Colorado, But Charging Is Not Easy

Most EV charging stations are still not meant for trucks with trailers.

images by: @RexfordHaugen and @jaminwestby

This 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck prototype is spied towing a very sizable trailer in Colorado. These images come to us courtesy of @RexfordHaugen and @jaminwestby

It’s great to see the new electric truck doing some very real-world testing. However, it also highlights the fact that most EV charging stations are not meant for trucks with trailers. You can see this Lightning truck nosed in near two charging stations. The new F-150 Lightning has a charger port in the front, near the a-pillar, and just above the front tire.

Still, the location of this particular charger prevents this truck from getting a convenient parking position. It has to either nose in close to the far charger while leaving outside charger open for others, or nose in to the outside station and completely block the second charging station.

We hope that electric charger station infrastructure improves not only with additional locations, but also with convenient drive-thru style charging stations that are more convenient for trucks with trailers.

Check out our towing experience video with a Tesla Model X in the video below.