Video: Mr.Truck on Trucks: Was The 1990’s Chevy Silverado The Greatest of ALL Time?

1998 chevy k1500 truck review mrtruck

We have Mr. Truck to tell us if the 1990’s Chevy Truck is the greatest of all time, and he has some great insight on ours!

We were startled to find out that thousands of truck enthusiasts feel that the 1990’s Chevy Silverado (ours is a “Cheyenne”) was one of the greatest trucks of its time. Not only that, some argue that it’s still one of the best pickup trucks built. While we were hesitant to jump into the fray, we got our hands on Mr. Truck.

Mr. Truck (AKA “Kent”) has worked with TFLtruck for many tears and his insights are invaluable. From farm machines to 18-wheelers, he knows quite a bit. On this occasion, Andre decides to bring him into the conversation regarding our newly acquired 1998 Chevy K1500 4WD 5.0-liter V8 (305 CID). It’s an extra-cab, in great condition – and we got it for just $3,200. It has 207,000 miles on it, but it runs exceptionally well.

This model has sequential injection, and a lauded four-speed automatic transmission.

Old pickups rule!

Everybody has been impressed by the excellent ride, handling, and overall refinement of this older pickup. In fact: the entire TFL Studio crew thinks it was the bargain of the century including Tommy. Keep in mind: this pickup truck is the oldest heading to our series, “No Payment Required – to Hell and Back.”

This upcoming fun video series revolves around the idea that a lot of us buy inexpensive, used pickup trucks. Moreover, many of us can’t afford ridiculously expensive new trucks, especially if we off-road them. With that in mind, we set a budget for $5,000 and solicited the help of With their help, we were able to get about $1,500 in aftermarket upgrades to help our trucks out.

Among the three trucks, we had TFL Studio’s three old men take over the updates on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, 2004 Ford F-150 – and this Chevrolet pickup. Roman, Andre, and Nathan now get to add some modifications and keep to the budget. Mr. Truck critics these trucks in the only way he can – his way.

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