Video: Here Is What You DON’T Get With The Cheapest Ram TRX In America!

In this drag race, a TRX loses.

2021 ram trx drag race cheap

When we ordered our “red” Ram TRX, we wanted the truck to be a simple as possible in order to save weight and cost. Still, we wanted to have an advanced towing package and a bed/utility package. This led us down the path of the TR1 package and a final sticker price of just over $77,000. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t – right?

This time we meet a new Ram TRX that is way more simple than ours. It basically has just one option, which is the ‘remote start’ system. The final price of this “white” TRX is $72,385. This is arguable the least expensive TRX that is currently out there. Most new TRX trucks are well optioned and/or marked up by some dealers. Finding a brand-new TRX in the low $70K range is rare indeed.

The truck belongs to our friend Shane (from Innovation Installations), who did the wrap on our project ‘Baby Yota’ truck that just sold at for $18,050 with all proceeds going to charity – Mountain States Children’s Home.

In the end, Shane purchased a 702-horsepower supercharged V8 truck that is as simple as possible and as quick as possible. His TRX has just over 1,400 lbs of payload capacity, which means it’s about 70 lbs lighter than our TRX. In theory, this should make the cheapest TRX also the quickest TRX of them all.

We had to put it to the test and drag race the two trucks. These two trucks are SO evenly matched, but with just the right touch I was able to have Shane’s truck leap off the line a bit quicker in the second drag race and take the final win with a 0-60 MPH of 4.5 seconds (at 1 mile above sea level).

Take a look at some of the custom touches on Shane’s truck and join all the fun in the video below.