Video: Are Tuners & Race Cars & Trucks Now ILLEGAL? I Get The Inside Scoop From An Industry Expert!

Is the sky actually falling?

sema rpm act tuners epa outlawed

On this episode of TFL Talkin’ Trucks podcast I speak with Mike Spagnola – SEMA vice president – about the latest developments related to the RPM Act and the Clean Air Act. The RPM Act is led by the SEMA organization and it is meant to protect amateur racing that involves modifying street-legal vehicles and turning them into tract-dedicated racers.

What is the current state of affairs? Is the sky falling when it comes to aftermarket truck and car modification that are related to the performance and the emissions? There is a definite path forward, and modification such tuners, air intakes, and exhaust systems can be legal and comply with all emissions regulations.

Join the discussion in the video below.