Toyota Hybrid and All-Electric Pickup Trucks Are Coming Soon – Company Says

When will an electric Tundra or Tacoma be here?

Image: Toyota bZ4X Concept

Toyota unveils a new all-electric SUV concept at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show this week. It’s called the Toyota bZ4X, and it’s a compact to midsize battery-electric SUV that is coming to production and sale next year. While Toyota has not officially announced when this new SUV is coming on sale in the United States, they said timing will be announced soon. Why post this news on Well, it’s because their electric SUV announcement states their intention to produce hybrid and all-electric pickup trucks in the near future.

Here is a direct quote from the Toyota press release on this matter. “Toyota plans to expand to around 70 electrified models globally by 2025. This future lineup will feature 15 dedicated BEVs, including seven carrying the bZ (Beyond Zero) brand moniker. In addition, Toyota intends to bring electrification to its pickup truck lineup in the near future, including hybrid and BEV powertrains.

Does this mean that we should expect a hybrid or an all-electric Toyota Tundra or a Toyota Tacoma for sale soon? Well, we do not know their exact timeframe for releasing these new models other than we should see them by 2025. Our educated guess based on information from industry experts is that the new 2022 Toyota Tundra will not offer any hybrid or all-electric power choices right off the bat. We may see a Tundra Hybrid in the 2023 or 2024 model year. This is just a guess at this point. No official information is available yet. How about a Tacoma Hybrid? We know even less about this. The next-generation Tacoma may arrive by the 2024 model year, but we do not know what will power it.

Here is a look at what the Toyota bZ4X Concept looks like.

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