Oops: This 30,000 Lbs Military Armored Vehicle Fell Off the Truck on a Colorado Highway

militaary armored 4x4 vehicle fell off the truck
images: Colorado Highway Patrol

This is one of those things you do NOT want to see tumbling on the highway in front of you. This is a (reportedly 30,000 lbs) armored military vehicle that fell of the C-470 highway in Colorado while being transported on a flat-bed semi-truck. Obviously, whoever chained this vehicle down to the trailer did not do a good job.

The military transport turned over at least once and was left resting on its roof. It took the Colorado State Police and emergency workers a while to get it upright and finally off the highway. The large tumbling monster left large divots and scrapes in the pavement and leaked a bunch of fluid.

Speaking of other large military trucks – here is a detailed review of the new Oshkosh JLTV – the replacement for the Humvee.

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