Murder Suspect in a Toyota Tacoma Evades Police for Two Hours – Is Stopped by a Semi-Truck

toyota tacoma big rig chase crash murder suspect

A very dangerous and nearly two-hour-long chase ended with a good samaritan truck driver using his big rig to stop a fleeing suspect who was driving a Toyota Tacoma. The alleged murder suspect used a Tacoma truck to escape the police. He had a woman in the passenger seat who identified as a friend.

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The big rig truck driver, Ahmed Shabaan, was aware the chase was in progress and saw the suspect try to cut off the police by driving through a gas station at an intersection. As the suspect accelerated going wrong way against the traffic, Ahmed took the matter into his hands and accelerated the class 8 Volvo semi-truck to intercept the suspect. The suspect crashed into the front of the semi truck, thus ending the chase.

The authorities arrested the suspect/driver and his friend. The suspect was taken to a hospital for injuries. His passenger (who identified as Roxy) and Ahmed – the truck driver – were not hurt in the incident. Police later released Roxy from custody and she held an impromptu press conference on the street corner. Roxy said that they were helping another friend. She also said that she did not know her friend who was evading the police was a murder suspect.