Spied! Is this the New Ford F-150 EV Truck? We Get a Closer Look

2023 ford f-150 ev electric pickup truck

Could this be the upcoming Ford F-150 EV truck? Ford says that an all-electric version of their F-150 pickup is coming next year. They says it be the quickest F-150, but we don’t know many other specifications or information about it. The company is building a new additional to the Dearborn Ford Rouge Center truck plant to produce the new electric trucks.

This is the information Ford has revealed about the new truck so far.

  • – It will be equipped with two electric motors. It will be more powerful than any F-150 currently available. The company says it will result in the fastest truck acceleration and ability to tow heavy trailers. There are no numbers attached to these claims.
  • – It will offer mobile power generation, much like the 2021 F-150 Hybrid.
  • – It will offer a “giant” front trunk (aka. frunk). Ford says this will be a lockable and spacious space.
  • – F-150 Electric will offer a 40% lower total cost of ownership (compared to a combustion engine truck) due to lower maintenance costs.
  • – F-150 Electric will be over-the-air update capable (like the 2021 F-150).

The camouflaged prototype we see here has several unique elements that may point to the electric drivetrain. First, the test vehicle has very unique wheels with a thicker spoke design that should offer slightly improved aerodynamics. The visible underbody of the truck is somewhat unique as well, and then there is the interesting rear axle.

It indeed appears like a rear axle and not a truck with independent rear suspension, as was previously seen with an older electric F-150 prototype. What could it be? Magna eBeam was recently unveiled. The Magna eBeam is an axle assembly that incorporates one or two electric motors inside its housing. It is meant to be a relatively simple substitution for a current and traditional axle and differential.

The Magna eBeam can be configured with a single electric motor, with an electric motor and a reduction gear, or with two electric motors. There is also a provision for a “locking differential” feature to power both rear tires at the same speed. TFLtruck reached out to both Ford and Magna with the relation to the eBeam and the upcoming Ford F-150. Ford has no comment about this future product, and Magna simply said that they expect the eBeam to be in a production vehicle within the next three years. They did not specify anything about the Ford F-150 EV or any other truck manufacturer or vehicle. We will have to wait and see what actually happens, and what components are used.

Magna says the eBeam can be configured for power output between 120-250 kW. This is equivalent to between 160 hp and 335 hp. Since Ford is targeting the F-150 EV to be the most powerful and quickest F-150 – it is possible they are targeting somewhere around 600+ horsepower of total output. This is currently just a guess.

Otherwise, this F-150 prototype appears very standard and unassuming. It appears to have a crew cab that is similar if not identical to the current 2021 F-150. The wheelbase and the short bed appear to be of about the same dimensions as a current crew cab short bed truck. The camouflage is hiding some of the unique styling changes, but the overall shape of the truck remains about the same.

Here is the F-150’s much smaller brother – the upcoming Ford Maverick. At least we think it will called the Maverick after all.