News: Bollinger Introduces an All-Electric Dually Truck and Other EV Truck Chassis

Two-wheel-drive chassis will start at $55,000.

2021 bollinger b2 chassis cab dually 2wd commercial truck
Bollinger B2 CHASS-E Cab dual rear-wheel drive

Bollinger is announcing several new all-electric heavy-duty truck chassis to accommodate many different commercial truck and van use cases. These trucks are referred to as the B2 CHASS-E cabs and CHASS-E. Bollinger initially introduced the B1 SUV and the B2 pickup truck with 4×4 capability and an all-original design.

This announcement expands the possible offerings to heavier class 3 vehicles with GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of up to 14,000 lbs. This includes the new B2 CHASS-E dually two-wheel-drive, as well as standard single-rear-wheel chassis in 2WD and AWD configurations.

Here is the pricing break-down.


  • Rear-wheel drive: $70,000 
  • Dual rear-wheel drive: $72,500 
  • All-wheel drive: $100,000  


  • Rear-wheel drive  $55,000 
  • Dual rear-wheel drive $57,500  
  • All-wheel drive $80,000 

Here is a look at the variety of use cases that Bollinger says are possible with these new chassis and the latest battery technology. The battery pack sizes will vary between 105 – 140 kWh for the Class 3 trucks. However, the technology is scalable up to heavier Class 6-7 chassis vehicles as well. Bollinger says Class 6-7 vehicles may have an energy storage capacity of up to 402 kWh.