Expert Opinion: Will the New 2022 Toyota Tundra Have a Land Cruiser Rear Suspension Design?

Land Cruiser design may find its way into the next Tundra.

2022 toyota tundra land cruiser axle suspension

Does this new 2022 Toyota Tundra prototype have a Land Cruiser 200-series rear axle and coil suspension design? Some experts say – Yes!

Here are a few images of the rear axle design that was shown on this next-generation Toyota Tundra prototype.

Here is an expert opinion from Dan, an independent Toyota mechanic since 1995. Dan writes:

From what I can see in the spy photos, the rear axle and suspension geometry look very close to the 200-series Land Cruiser. It may be the same differential since it was made to work with high-torque engines. Since they plan on using that platform for such a large variety of vehicles, the six lug running gear makes the most sense. The 200-series uses many of the same engines as the Tundra but has the fuel tank and exhaust on the opposite side.  Unless it has a really strange fuel filler setup, it looks like the filler on the Tundra is going to be on the right side.

I couldn’t make out any powertrain components in those photos, so these are only semi-educated guesses.  Since Toyota’s product cycles for their body-on-frame models are so long, I don’t see any reason why they would make that platform work with V8 engines.  My guess is that the powertrain choices are going to be much simpler than GM or Ford, and probably disappointing.  I would expect the base engine to be the 3.5 V6 from the Tacoma, with either a six or eight-speed automatic (and probably only in 2WD).  The turbo V6 from the Lexus LS (tuned for 87-octane), with the eight or ten-speed automatic transmission, seems likely – but a naturally aspirated 3.5 hybrid is also a good possibility (with the strange E-CVT/auto trans from the LS and LC hybrids).  If there is a crazy turbo V6 hybrid, it will probably only be available in high-trim, crew cab configurations.  I would love to see a system similar to Ford’s PowerBoost because I am very tempted to order nearly the same truck as Andre.

TFLtruck viewer, Erek, had the following to say. Erek writes:

Land Cruiser

You may want to compare the rear suspension photos with an LC200 (Land Cruiser 200-series). They look virtually identical (KDSS perhaps?). Also, the axle itself does not appear to be the old 10.5-inch but rather a 200-series axle as well (thicker squared tube portion). Outer hubs are different obviously due to the 6-lug design. If I had to guess the frame is also going to be boxed.