Didn’t Even Know It – Dump Truck Hits & Plows a Small Car For Half a Mile Down the Highway

dump truck pushes plows small mini car highway accident
Image: Global News

This crazy truck accident happened this week in Toronto, Canada. A Mini Cooper, driven by a 26-year-old Courtenay Erhardt, was hit from behind by a dump truck. The car was turned sideways, but the truck driver continued to drive onto the major highway, while plowing with the car. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in this incident.

The dump truck driver continued forward, while the car he was pushing was lodged by the truck’s front bumper and the side guard rail. There was plenty of tire screeching, tire smoke, the body of the car rubbing against the side barrier, and even honking. Reportedly, the truck driver stopped only when a couple driving in another car slowed down next to the truck and flagged the truck driver down to stop. Authorities report that the truck pushed the car nearly 700 meters or 0.435 miles.

Reportedly, the truck driver was unaware of the hit and the incident until it was over. The truck driver was reported charged for the accident. Take a look at this video report by the Global News below for more details.

Andre Smirnov
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