Video: Power Wagon? Ha! I Built My Chevy Silverado HD Into an Overlanding Beast! Dude, I Love My Ride

Image: TFLtruck

This viewer turned his Chevy Silverado HD 3500 into an overlanding monster

The owner of this 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 Z71 built it up to handle the rough terrain and to take his toys with him. In this episode of Dude, I love my ride, we get a full tour of the big Chevy. It started life with a 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel engine and four-wheel drive, and he built it up from there.

The owner, John, added a Banks cold-air intake to let the big diesel breathe just a little better.

This is a huge truck. Not only is it a single-rear-wheel 1-ton crew cab, but it is also configured with an 8-foot long bed. Overall, it measures about 24-feet in length. That long bed has a large topper on it. This gives the owner an option to sleep comfortably in the bed if he doesn’t need his trailer.

The bumpers, steps and armor were all built by Fab Fours. He wanted to keep the look consistent. John added Toyo tires, which are wrapped around Pro Comp wheels. He added a KC full light/roof rack system, which looks amazing. Housed inside that massive front bumper is a Warn winch.

John maintains that it is not exactly a challenger for the Power Wagon off-road, he wanted something with serious capacity and grunt. This truck can also tow a large trailer with the best of them. The Duramax V8 has plenty of power and torque to tackle the steep Colorado Rocky Mountain grades.

We can apricate his desire to make this Chevy Silverado HD into an overlanding, seriously capable off-road rig. It wasn’t that long ago when Andre got rid of his Silverado HD diesel, and it was a tough call on his behalf.

One final note worth mentioning: John mentioned that his wife loves the truck and drives it as often as she can. All of us at TFL Studios have a request: can your wife have a word with ours?

Check out the video and see all of the details on this truck!

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