Video: From Boring to Brilliant – Here’s How We Transformed Our Toyota Tacoma! Baby Yota Ep.9

2002 toyota tacoma off-road overland transformation baby yota

Our project Baby Yota is going through one of its biggest transformations – and it looks amazing!

As we begin the finishing touches on our project Baby Yota 2001 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, now it’s time to alter its personality. Up until now, we’ve spent hours and dollars on upgrading the engine, suspension, overlanding capability, and more. These changes have turned this project into something special internally, but it still looked like an average, small pickup truck.

That changes with Episode 9 of our Baby Yota video series.

From day one, the Baby Yota project was envisioned to be a special overland-ready build that would be built on a tight budget. Once our project ended, we would auction it off with all of the proceeds going to the Mountain States Children’s Home. Despite completely blowing the budget, we are going full-steam ahead on finishing this build.

Charity comes in many forms

Shane Bowen, from Innovation Installations, volunteered his time and expertise to wrap our project in a theme we carefully considered. This little Toyota now sports a design theme that’s in honor of Toyota Racing’s legend, Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart.

2002 toyota tacoma 4x4 overland camper build
Images: TFLtruck

Not only that, we were lucky enough to have our friend, and wood design expert Dave, design a special layout for the bed. This modular, multipurpose system is perfect for camping, and he volunteered to build it. You can read about that (here).

We also added new off-road bumpers and a winch to the mix.

Just a few additional touches and this little truck will be sold off. Check out this video and see how a little vinyl and a lot of elbow grease make all the difference.

Out of all the builds TFL Studios has been involved with, this one is the crew’s favorite. We’re very proud of this little truck and the way it’s shaping up. Stay tuned for more!

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