Video: Is The Honeymoon Over? These Are the Things I Love & Hate About The New Ram TRX After Two Weeks!

2021 ram trx ownership review

What is it like to live with the new 2021 Ram TRX on the daily basis? Here are Roman’s top things he loves and hates about owning the new “super truck”.

TFLtruck took delivery of the truck on Dec 31, 2020. According to Ram, we were the first customers in the world to receive a TRX. Big thanks to our local dealer (Johnson Auto Plaza) and the folks at Ram for making this happen. Roman flew to Detroit, received the truck, and drove it back home to Colorado. After two weeks of ownership, we already have over 2,600 miles on the odometer. It was around 1,850 miles during the filming of this video, but the team drove the truck to Moab, Utah, and back already – so the miles are piling up.

We chose a TRX TR1 package with a sticker price of just over $77,000. This truck is equipped with a towing package, but we specifically left many luxury and technology option off to get a truck that is a bit more affordable, more light weight, quicker, and more useful. The payload rating on our truck is 1,332 lbs.

Yes, the truck is expensive, but it packs a 702 horsepower supercharged V8 engine! This truck is fun, quick, and comfortable. You may think that 702 horsepower is too much for any pickup and makes it frightening to drive. That’s not the case. The TRX accelerates quickly, but it’s heavy curb weight (6,500 lbs) and full-time 4WD make the power easily manageable and fun. Thankfully it has big and powerful brakes to slow it down safely.

The negatives mainly have to do with the truck’s efficiency, or lack thereof. We knew this going in, but we have not been able to get more than 10.5 MPG out of our new truck yet.

Check out the video for all the details, including the 0-60 MPH time we got at a mile above sea level.