Video: Can Tuned & SUPERCHARGED Raptors On Race Fuel Kill the Ram TRX in a Drag Race? Run What You Brung Ep. 2

2021 ram trx ford raptor tuned supercharged drag race

On this episode of “Run What You Brung”, we have not one but three Ford Raptor trucks going up against each other and the Ram TRX in a drag race. The first bracket drag race is between our completely stock 2020 Ford Raptor and a modified and tuned 2018 Raptor that is riding on 37-inch tall tires. The winner of this race will go up against a supercharged V8 1st-gen 2012 Ford SVT Raptor with a ROUSH conversion. The winner will then take on the 2021 Ram TRX.

The stock Raptor has a twin-turbo V6 that produces 450 horsepower. It’s a fully-optioned crew cab that weighs about 6,000 lbs. The black tuned Ford Raptor has an aftermarket air intake, intercooler, exhaust, and a tune by MPT. This twin-turbo V6 is running E30 (30% ethanol) fuel and should produce around 620-630 horsepower. It has a front-end suspension lift and 37-inch tires, so it may weigh a bit more than our long-term stock Ford Raptor.

It was not much of a surprise, the tuned Raptor wins the first drag race in a commanding fashion with a 0-60 MPH time of around 5.1 seconds. As always, this drag race is held at IMI Motorsports in Dacono, Colorado (at 1 mile above sea level).

The 1st-gen Raptor has a 6.2-liter ROUSH supercharged V8 engine and tuning for a total estimated output of around 700 horsepower. Yep, it has a 6.2L SC V8, just like the new TRX. Alright, the two are still very different. This supercharged V8 Raptor is rolling on 37-inch tires, has a fairly heavy bed topper, and has over 203,000 miles on the clock. Wow! This older Raptor is likely the heaviest truck of this bunch by far. It likely weighs more than the 6,500 lbs curb weight of the new TRX you see here.

The supercharged V8 Raptor also loses to the tuned 2nd-gen Raptor. Now, it’s the tuned Raptor versus the TRX. This Raptor weighs less and produces a bit less power than the TRX. This drag race was the closest we have seen yet! In the end, the TRX edges out just by a nose with a 0-60 mph (on that day) of 4.75 seconds.

At this time, the TRX is still the king of this Run What You Brung series.