Spied! Rivian Amazon Van Joins the R1T Trucks At an Off-Road Park

2021 rivian r1t amazon van off-road ski walker ranch
(images: Andrew Glinski)

The upcoming Rivian Amazon Van is spies in the wild alongside several R1T pickup trucks. We have seen the all-electric R1T trucks in the wild before, but the new Amazon van sighting is still rare. These vehicles were recently seen at or near an off-road park in California.

Big thanks to Andrew Glinski for sending us these images and information.

Rivian is working to produce these all-electric trucks, SUVs, and vans. The company recently announced that the first R1T all-electric trucks will start reaching customers in June 2021. The R1S SUV is coming several months after that, and there is not a clear production/delivery schedule for the Amazon delivery vans. Amazon made a significant investment into Rivian, and it is currently the primary customer for the company’s electric delivery vans.

While the R1T trucks were driving some off-road trails, the van appears to be set up at the trailhead. Naturally, the R1T trucks have a lot of ground clearance and four electric motors AWD system. The van has very little ground clearance and is designed for city deliveries.

We will let you know as soon as we learn more information about the upcoming Amazon delivery van and other Rivian vehicles. The company did release an official pricing guide for the R1T and R1S options and colors. Take a look at the video to find out all the latest, including the available kitchen sink option.