Just Picked a New Ram TRX! I Cannot Believe We Are the First in the World to Have One!

It's not the Launch Edition truck!

2021 ram trx delivery detroit michigan sterling

It is down to the wire! We ordered a new 2021 Ram TRX months ago in hope of taking delivery of it this year. What we didn’t know is that we would be taking delivery of the truck on December 31st at 4 pm, when all people are going home to celebrate the New Year’s. Huge thanks to everybody who made it possible. First, the thanks go out to you the TFLtruck viewers and readers for supporting us over the years. Next, thanks to Ram/FCA for working hard and making this delivery possible. Huge thanks to Johnson Auto Plaza for enabling this “remote” delivery.

What we did not expect, anticipate, or realize is that we would be the first people in the country (and likely the world) to take delivery of a new Ram TRX! Wow! This is cool.

Roman flew to Detroit this morning to actually take delivery of the new truck this year. It helps our company taxes do this before the end of the calendar year. The truck will be at our Colorado HQ next week for many new videos to come!

The truck we configured and purchased stickers at under $78,000. We will let you know the exact price in the next video. This is not a fully-loaded Launch Edition TRX. This is a well-equipped TRX with a TR1 package, towing package, heated seats, and more. We specifically tried to configure a more “affordable” version of the truck that has all the basics and matches up well against the Ford Raptor and other trucks.

Check out our first video with the truck for all the details!

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