Bollinger Trucks Take the Next Step with Production Alpha Builds

Finally, it adds a bit of two-tone color.

2022 bollinger b2 electric truck alpha build

Bollinger Motors unveils early production builds of the B2 and B1 all-electric truck and SUV. They are calling it a “production intent design” or “alpha” builds. There several distinct design updates between these pre-production trucks and the concepts that we saw earlier. Here are all the details.

First, the entire truck’s beltline has been raised a bit. This is the “white” area from the very bottom of the body to the top of the hood and the bed. Bollinger says this allows for better packaging of all the chassis components, adds some interior comfort, and also slightly changes the look of the entire vehicle.

The next big change is the elimination of the top mounted radiators that used to have grilles above the front wheels. Bollinger says that they were able to make a significant design change to the cooling radiator. There is now a single unit mounted partially behind the front bumper. The twin side radiators are gone. This also increases the size of the front cargo area (frunk), and makes the folding front gate larger as well.

The bed is now a completely separate component. Before, the bedsides were part of the cab structure. The separate bed design allows for easier repairs if something is damaged and allows the company to also sell a Bollinger B2 chassis without the factory bed. It’s not clear if the company was able to retain the folding midgate design that allows for tall items to be loaded inside the vehicle.

The front door was made a little narrower in order to make the rear door bigger for easier rear-seat egress. The cab is also made taller for better visibility. The side sliding windows are gone, replaced by basic up-n-down manual crank windows.

The updates to the Bollinger B1 SUV are mostly the same as with the B2 truck.