Here’s Why I Bought a New Nissan Frontier Over a Toyota Tacoma! Owner Review

2020 nissan frontier midnight toyota tacoma
Images by: Joseph Sanchez

A fan of just bought a 2020 Nissan Frontier after owning Toyota Trucks for 35 Years!

The 2020 Nissan Frontier may become a collectible in a dozen years or so. Primarily because it’s a mix of new and old. The 2020 Nissan Frontier is based on Nissan’s D40 platform that’s underpinned the Frontier since the 2005 model year. Nissan added a next-generation 310 horsepower 3.8-liter V6 that makes 281 lb-ft of torque. It’s hooked up to a similar nine-speed automatic transmission that’s used in the new Nissan Titan. The 2020 Frontier also has a few interior upgrades, but it’s hard to tell at a glance. Here is a very interesting story about a new Frontier purchase.

Here is what happened. Here is why Joseph bought a new Nissan Frontier over a Toyota Tacoma

Below is his email:

“I bought a new 2020 Frontier Midnight Edition in gunmetal color a month ago after sliding on ice on Lee Hill (in Boulder, CO) and totaling my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I test drove a 2021 Tacoma and did not like it. I was shocked at how cheap it seemed as in the motor, transmission, ride, etc.

I did some research and found all of your videos of the Frontier and went out and test drove on and really liked it. I liked the old school styling inside and out and the simplicity of it. I am 63 and hate all the computer stuff and the Frontier fits the bill. I really like the new motor and transmission. I’m looking forward to enjoying it for many years.

I had bought my first Toyota truck new in 1985 and it ran better than the low-end new Tacoma that I test drove last month after I crashed my 2007 FJ. I guess I was upset the day I test drove it just a day after my crash. After driving my FJ the Tacoma just did not feel right. I was not treated very well at the Toyota dealership about the recall concerning the fuel pumps in the gas tanks. The recall was in March 2020 and Toyota did not have a fix in December when I began looking for a truck. This was a massive recall involving over 6 million cars/trucks and the salesman said he knew nothing about it. They were selling new 2021s and said the new cars were not part of the recall, so I asked the salesman what was the fix for the new fuel pumps and he said he did not know. I asked to speak to the general manager and he did not know and said he would ask the technical people and get back to me. When he got back to me he said that Toyota had manufactured new fuel pumps and only had enough for the 2021s and not any to repair any recalled vehicles, but that they were working on it. I asked what would happen if I bought a 2020 Tacoma with the recall and he said I could buy it and they will rent me a car until Toyota sent out new fuel pumps to repair the recall, but he did not know when that would be.

As you can tell this left me completely dumbfounded. I have been a loyal Toyota fan for 35 years!!! They are an amazing company. I emailed the general manager and told him they were forcing me to buy a Nissan Frontier. He emailed me back and gave me a really good price on a four-door Tacoma. During that time I did my research and test drove the Frontier. I was surprised at its size, it was a little smaller than the Tacoma, but I really liked the ride, the new drivetrain, and its simple design. It is a real midsized TRUCK! I purchased it three days later when I got my insurance money. I am now trying to get over the loss of my FJ. I can not get over the loss of not being a Toyota customer after all these years. No one I know really understands this but I know you guy’s will.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the info on the Nissan Frontier!”

J. Sanchez

All of us at The Fast Lane Truck appreciate the email and wish you many miles of enjoyment!

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