Video: Here’s What It’s Like To Own a 1977 Ford Truck For 43 Years!

1977 ford truck owner

This owner has driven his 1977 Ford Truck for about 43 Years!

For many people, swapping a truck every 10-years or so sounds about right, but what about 43-years? Old trucks are downright amazing, and this 1977 Ford F100 is remarkably clean with just 97,000 miles. Restored about 20-years ago, the owner (who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada) made a few minor updates – but it’s mostly stock. Described as a “simple work truck” the 1977 Ford F100 has a 302 cid V8 hooked up to a three-speed automatic transmission.

Sale priced at $5,200 U.S. in 1978, this truck had about 5,000 miles on it with a minor blemish when it was purchased. Unless you have a dry desert to store your truck, rust will happen. Canadian winters and rusting conditions are almost legendary, and this owner had to swap his rusted bed and replace the cab’s rusted floor. Knowing a sweet, clean example of a working truck when we see one; this Ford got our attention for sure. Some people just do it right.

If you have a cool truck that you would like to feature on “Dude, I love (or hate) my ride,” we would love to have a look!


One thing we would like to mention (this goes for anyone who wants to submit a video): please get a few shots of the vehicle that show it in its entirety at different angles. In other words, step back a bit and shoot your truck so we can see the whole thing in one shot, before moving in for the details. This will give viewers the whole picture. The owner of this awesome truck did a pretty good job, but we would have loved to get more shots of the rear and rear quarter.

Anyway, check out this video and let us know what you think!

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