Nikola Badger Electric Truck Is Dead as GM Wants No Part of It

Nikola Badger deposits will be refunded.

2021 nikola badger is dead

Nikola Motors and GM release a new “Memorandum of Understanding”, and the Badger pickup truck is not part of the plan. The new statement by Nikola and General Motors supersedes the previous agreement. GM is not taking a stake in the Nikola Motors like the two companies initially announced in September of this year. GM is not planning to build the Badger pickup truck, either.

GM will continue working on the Hydrotec – hydrogen fuel cell electric – powertrain for Class 7 and Class 8 semi trucks. The Hydrotec powertrain will be designed in such a way that it fits into the Nikola heavy haulers, such as Nicola Tre, Nikola One, Nikola Two, Nikola Refuse, and others. The powertrain package also includes GM’s Ultium battery system.

gm gen2 hydrogen fuel cell hydrotec system
GM Hydrotec. (Image: General Motors)

GM says: “GM’s Hydrotec fuel cell system will be engineered at its Michigan technical facilities in Pontiac and Warren and manufactured at its Brownstown Charter Township battery assembly plant.

All this means that GM will basically sell its Hydrotec and Ultium power solutions to Nikola Motors, and perhaps other manufacturers in the future. The development of this technology is currently focused on heavy semi trucks. Nikola will refund current deposits for the Badger pickup truck.