Video: Barn Find Bikes – Can We Bring A Classic Honda Trail 90 Back To Life After 30 Years In A Barn?

Join the guys at TFLbike for a fun story!

classic honda trail 90 bike motorcycle barn find

Alex and Kase, the team at TFLbike, find not one by two classic Honda Trail 90 motorcycles in a barn that belongs to a friend of a friend. In this video, the guys learn the story behind the bikes, pull them out of the barn, and go to work of getting them started. The thing is – these bikes have been sitting for at least 30 years.

Our friend, David Morrow, is a part of the team. The guys check the air filter and find the obligatory mouse nest. The guys check the spark plugs and batteries. Finally, it comes down to checking the fuel system and working on the carburetors. After much tinkering, the guys realize that a new carburetor is very affordable so they purchase one.

You have to watch the video to find out how the rebuild goes!