The Rivian Amazon EV Delivery Van Is Getting Closer to Reality

The electric van is expected to have a 150-mile driving range.

2021 amazon rivian ev van

Rivian and Amazon reveal more details and a video of the upcoming EV delivery van. The two companies initially made the announcement that 100,000 of such vans are planned to hit the road within the next several years. We saw several design drawings, scale models, and stationary prototypes. Now, we get to see what appears to be a functioning prototype with the production body and a working interior.

Rivian says the new electric commercial van is designed for the specific task of delivering packages. It’s meant to be safe and user-friendly. The video shows several delivery drivers experiencing the new van for the first time. They comment about the great visibility from the driver’s seat and the available digital screens.

It’s interesting to note that the van has many “Amazon” badges and logos, but not a single Rivian logo. It is truly a customized van specifically built for Amazon. Neither Amazon nor Rivian (who is building the vans) have revealed detailed specifications. There are some reports that claim this van would be capable of 150 miles of range on a single charge. This range should be enough for most big-city delivery routes. We do not have exact vehicle dimensions or payload capacities at this time.

The first production vans are expected to hit the streets in 2021.