Spied: Look Underneath This 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor Prototype!

Is That a Bronco Sasquatch Suspension?

(images: Jake E.)

Ford is testing several camouflaged Ranger Raptor prototypes in Colorado. What is this all about? Does it mean that this most off-road worthy version of the Ranger is finally coming to the United States? We don’t know this for sure, but here we have detailed images of the suspension on these test trucks. Thanks to Jake E. for sending us these images.

Ford Ranger Raptor

We have all of the details about the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco. Ford published detailed images of the Bronco chassis and suspension design. We also know that the new Bronco and the Ranger share the same factory in Wayne, Michigan. Does it mean the the Bronco 4×4 Sasquatch or Warthog models will share some or many components with the upcoming Ranger Raptor truck? It’s very possible, although we don’t have official word yet.

The rear suspension on this prototype is camouflaged, but we can still see several details. The rear axle is suspended with coil springs, not leafs. This is not groundbreaking since the current Ranger Raptor is also using rear coil suspension. The rear shocks are wearing FOX shields. The rear view of the axle suggests that it may be using the new Bronco suspension, because all components of the current Raptor’s rear Watt’s Link suspension are not visible. It’s still difficult to say with all the camouflage. Here are the images. What do you think?

For comparison, here is an image of the 2021 Bronco chassis and suspension. The Bronco is using Bilstein shocks. It’s not yet clear if the next Ranger Raptor will go with Bilstein, FOX, or another shock supplier.

Is it possible that the next Ranger Raptor will be using a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 that is offered in the Bronco? We hope so. Here are several other images of the Ranger prototype and the Bronco Warthog next to it.

We also spied this right-hand drive test truck in Colorado a couple of week ago.