World Debut! Meet the New Western Star 49X and See What Makes It the Most Advanced Heavy Hauler

It's a friendlier big rig than ever before.

Here it is! The Next Western Star 49X makes its world debut. This is a truck that builds on the success of the 4900 series of extreme duty vocational trucks. It takes it to the next level with a new frame, cab, hood mount system, headlights, mirrors, interior, driver assistance safety technologies, and many other usability and upfit improvements.

The diesel power options remain mostly the same as before, but the automated manual 12-speed DT12 transmission is new and improved. The 49X can be configured with the following engines: Detroit Diesel DD15, DD16, or two Cummins engine options. The power output can range between 500 – 605 horsepower, and the torque output can cross the 2,000 lb-ft mark.

The most noticeable improvements have to do with the cab, hood, and headlights. The new LED headlights have built-in heating elements to prevent ice and snow build-up in cold climates. The hood has its own suspension system in order to make the whole construction more durable and prevent most of the “hood shake” while driving over rough terrain. Many of these trucks will work at a construction site, a quarry, or a logging road.

The cab door opening is still very large. The new built-in step system for the driver and passengers to get inside is angled to resemble a steep staircase. Western Star says this makes the egress easier and safer.

The front windshield has more area than before for improved visibility. The rear three-window option allows significantly better visibility rearward. The center of the cab has been lowered to help with clearance issues many other trucks like this have.

The side mirrors have been engineered to stay in place and not vibrate – no matter what the road surface you are driving over or what rpm the engine is at.

The new 49X is much easier for upfitters to work with and modify for various body or equipment configurations. This truck could serve as a cement mixer, a dump truck, or a trailer hauler.

The 49X is also technologically advanced with the new Detroit Assurance suite of driver-assistance technologies. This includes an adaptive cruise control system with an ability to make a full stop. It has blind-spot monitoring and alert system to help the driver navigate busy work sites or big city streets.

You can also watch a full 49X truck walk-around are our TFLtalk – Talkin’ Trucks podcast channel.

Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.