Video: Toyota vs Chevy vs Jeep – You May Be Surprised At How Good and Bad Truck Cameras Are

toyota tacoma jeep gladiator chevy silverado

Back-up cameras are standard in all new pickup trucks – but they are not all the same.

After years of driving and backing up pickup trucks, we’ve noticed a major difference in their rear-view / back-up camera technology. In some cases, it’s as basic as a small screen and a pixilated image heading back, in other cases, it’s much better. Given the need for backup cameras, it’s important for you, the consumer, to know where automakers stand.

Even smaller, midsize pickup trucks have an issue with seeing what’s behind them. There are several factory lifted pickup trucks that can’t even see a medium sized car behind them. Back-up cameras help see things that may sink below the top of the tailgate. They also help with lining up for hooking up your trailer and so-on.

In this video…

We have three very different pickup trucks with three very different back-up camera systems. Among the oldest tech, we have a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. This is one solid pickup, but it has a back-up camera system from the stone-age. Is this enough for modern drivers, or is it too old to be useful?

The next competitor is our project Jeep Gladiator pickup. Not only does it have a slick camera system for off-road adventures, it has a modern back-up camera too. It’s similar to other FCA products, which is to say, it’s not too shabby.

Finally, we have our project Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss. Again, a modern pickup truck with a modern camera system. In this case, the back-up camera is about on-par with the FCA product, but they perform differently.

Andre and Nathan!

We use a unique system (including a small first generation Ford Raptor) to test all three pickup trucks. It’s part science, part consumer information and part entertainment.

Honestly, it’s fascinating to see how these cameras performed, and to see where they all could use improvement.

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