Bigger Grilles! Will GMC Sierra Trucks Look Something Like This In the Future?

GM Design team shares these sketches from other designers.

gmc sierra hd design future
(image: IG @generalmotorsdesign) from @bonifajeo

Here are two images from GM’s official design office Instagram @generalmotorsdesign account. Naturally, these two design sketches from two designers is not a verification of production intent. These sketches are the ones that GM team found noteworthy to pass along.

Indeed the grille sizes on newest truck continue to grow in size. This is primarily to make the pickup truck design more masculine and tough. It’s not ideal if you need to park the truck in a tight place or go off-road on a challenging trail. Thankfully truck cameras and other technologies are making these situations easier for drivers.

from @k_moorjani

Please let us know in the comments section below – do you like how the latest GMC design is evolving, specifically for their new #Denali and #AT4 lineup?

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