The Pickman XR 4×4 Is a New Mini Truck That You Didn’t Know You Wanted

It's an EV side-by-side that is expected to cost around $16,000!

It won’t be highway legal, but the Kaiyun Kylectric Pickman XR will give lightweight pickup truck performance – for cheap.

The Kaiyun Kylectric Pickman XR has a 70 mile range with the main battery pack and an additional 50 miles from the auxiliary pack. For additional convenience, they have dual swappable batteries. It has a 7.5 kW motor in the rear and a 3 kW motor up front giving it all-wheel drive (AWD). On top of that, it has 2 ton towing and1 ton payload rating.

You also get goodies such as like air conditioning, back up camera, racks, tube doors and other additional items.

There are four unique versions of the Pickman. There is the off-road ready XR – which is the top-end offering. Then there is the base model RWD Classic, the four-door Passenger and the Mission. The Mission has a variety of cargo hauling options.

This is the rear-drive passenger version of the Pickman.

The truck is built on a ladder frame chassis:

Built on our modular ladder frame chassis, the metal is stamped and welded together for maximum safety. The entire chassis is then dipped into an anti-corrosion bath before heading off for paint and final assembly. Its enclosed design is stronger and safer than others in its class while it also protects passengers from harm, wind, heat or rain.

Kaiyun Kyectric

Like a UTV, these vehicles will be street legal in certain states that permit small vehicles at 35 mph. The Pickman will not be an approved highway vehicle. Based on the current market, it will be somewhat unique – if it comes to the United States.

Vehicles like the Polaris Ranger EV and HiSun Sector E1 LSV are not exactly pickups. Other EV utility trucks are more glorified golf carts. This Pickman seems to have a greater towing capacity and a fully inclosed cockpit.

There’s also a rear-drive, passenger version of the Pickman that can hold up to five people (in a pinch). Powered by a 4kW motor at the rear axle, the Pickman passenger has a 70-mile range. It has less capacity, but it’s built to haul people and cargo. It starts at $9,999. One cool note for the Passenger Pickman: the rear bulkhead and rear seats fold for extra cargo space (a-la old Chevy Avalanche).

Details about dealerships, availability and additional technical information are difficult to find. You can go to the Kaiyun Kylectric (here) and have a look. We are enthusiastic, both on TFLtruck and TFLoffroad given this vehicle’s potential. Hopefully, we can test one soon!

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