Overlanding 101: Here’s How To Start To Make Your Truck Into a Home Away from Home w/ Rackstarz

Rackstarz helps us make our Gladiator into a home away from home.

Tommy took our project Jeep Gladiator to Rackstarz to get a beefy bed rack. You may be asking, “but why?” That’s because it’s the best way to add a roof/rack-top tent while still maintaining cargo space. On top of that, it looks exceptionally cool.

Rackstarz, who we visited in Boulder, Colorado, builds, install and fabricates a variety of different off-road gear. Most of their goods deal with racks of some sorts and they build their own base for a variety of pickup trucks. Our rack system is their new, in-house Javelina rack system.

On top of fabricating some of their own components, Rackstarz also uses the bed-rail track system that comes with many midsize pickup trucks. Rather than add new holes to the bed, or weld something difficult to remove, this is more efficient. Simply put, it bolts into the bed track that lines the inside of the bed walls with bolts. After the rack system is loosely bolted in, cross members and side plates are added for structural rigidity.

There’s more!

Another positive aspect of this rack system is that most in-bed storage units can be worked around. Our Decked storage system sits below the racks. Tool boxes and storage compartments can (for the most part) remain free to open.

Finally, the Javelina allows for a variety of hard points to attach many items useful for overloading. Everything from fuel tanks, water containers, extra tires/wheels and tools can easily be connected to the outer section of the rack.

To say we’re pleased with this addition would be an understatement. Tommy was so happy with the installation and quality, he debated getting a Javelina tattoo on his back…

Could you imagine?

As it stands, we have already seen great results with this robust rack system. Still, its big test has yet to come. If you’re interested in this system, it costs about $1,200 installed. That depends on your vehicle and accessories. Contact Rackstarz for more information.

Check out this video and see what you think!

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