Our Project Ford F-250 Super Tremor vs Overland Toyota Tacoma – Massive vs. Minuscule

The Ford F-250 Super Tremor vs Juniper Overland Toyota Tacoma? Yes please!

We have worked hard setting up our beastly Ford F-250 Super Tremor. The whole point of it was to showcase the capability and flexibility of the new gas 7.3-liter V8. On top of that, the new Super Duty has a beefy structure, ready for serious upgrades. We did just that.

When all was said and done, our Super Tremor performed above expectations. We felt like we built the best overlanding rig we could.

Andre and Nathan argue about size and how much it matters – or doesn’t.
(Images: TFLtruck)

… but maybe we didn’t.

Some people think that the Super Tremor is just too much truck for the bush. Its size, weight and battleship-like maneuverability were sighted as possible weaknesses.

Enter the Juniper Overland Toyota Tacoma.

In many ways, this modified 2013 Toyota Tacoma has a lot in common with the Super Duty we built. They are both set up for overlanding with beefed up components underneath and light campers on top.

At the same time, both vehicles retain just enough of their stock power-trains to remain daily-drive friendly. Well, sort of. Driving the F-250 through a drive-thru can be an issue. Also, the Tacoma swills almost as much gasoline as a V8.

Still, they are both extremely competent off-road and these setups show two different philosophies: the pros and cons of size.

In this video, we get a chance to talk about the vehicles we’re driving and demonstrate their overland utility.

Nathan Adlen
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