These Are The Fastest-Selling New And Used Pickup Trucks In The U.S.: Study

This data looks at how long it takes individual trucks to sell, rather than how many were sold over the past few months

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This list comes from iSeeCars and covers both new and used pickup trucks

New and used pickup trucks are still selling. Obviously, sales have dropped during the Covid-19 crisis, which means most new and used pickup truck sales slumped too. The folks at iSeeCars measured how long it takes a vehicle to be sold.

iSeeCars analyzed over 4.4 million new and used cars sold from March through June 2020.

The research shows the average new car takes 96.9 days to sell compared to 57.8 days (pre Covid-19). That’s November 2019 through February 2020. The average time to sell used cars for March through June is 68.9 days compared to 50.1 days (pre Covid-19).

“The effective demand for these vehicles has slowed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic due to lockdowns and downturns in the economy, but the change was much more dramatic for new vehicles than for used vehicles,” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly. 

2020 Honda Ridgeline

Here are the fastest-selling trucks, according to iSeeCars research:

The big surprise is the Honda Ridgeline.

Not only is it the fastest selling used pickup, it’s the second fastest-selling new pickup as well, according to iSeeCars’ research. The Toyota Tacoma is first for new trucks, but third for used. Keep in mind: in 2019, Honda sold less than 40,000 Ridgeline models in North America. At the same time, Toyota sold over 260,000 Tacomas in the region.

Another interesting note: The Ram 1500 Classic placed second on the used truck list. Considering how old that design is, the speed in which people buy them off the lot is surprising.

No surprise that the Nissan Frontier came in last with new truck sales; especially considering its upcoming changes. Interestingly, it placed fifth on the used truck list. People are still snatching them up while they can.

Check out this video of the newest Honda Ridgeline vs the Ford Ranger.

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