This Dodge Power Wagon Costs Over $200,000, But Just Look At It!

Could it get much better?

Classic Dodge Power Wagon [Photos: Liam O’Neill Imagery]

Nostalgia for the “good old days” is usually better than the actual things that make us nostalgic. A lot of stuff way back when, trucks included, were not that great. That is not to say an original 40’s Power Wagon wasn’t a good truck. They just don’t work on modern roads.

One of the first trucks I learned to drive on was a 1952 Dodge M37, the military version of the Power Wagon. As cool as it was, 78 horsepower and 5.83 gearing made it hopelessly slow. Even with a helpful tail wind, you would be lucky to do better than 45mph.

Legacy Classic Trucks founder, Winslow Bent, had the same experience growing up with the same, year, make, and model of truck. He also had an idea for a business.

Why let these machines rot in corn fields, when you could turn them into something worth driving? That’s why Legacy Classic Trucks builds the ultimate Power Wagon.

Thanks to a 3.9 liter 4BT Cummins, Legacy upped the output to 170hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Combined with a more modern 5-speed transmission and 4.56 geared axles the tires will spin it to over 100 mph.

However, just because special attention has been paid to on-road performance, doesn’t mean it’s been neglected off-road. Thats why it’s fitted with locking differentials, a boxed frame, and a 50 gallon fuel tank to take you anywhere you want to go.

Stack on a whole new steering system, Wilwood brakes, and all the modern amenities you could possibly want and it becomes clear why these trucks cost a pretty penny.

Legacy Classic Trucks also offers a host of optional extras that won’t remind you of the options available on any other vehicle you’ve seen. Front and rear PTO, portable saw mill, on-board welder, and of course, heated seats just to name a few.

The Legacy Power Wagon has countless tricks up its sleeve, but the attention to detail stands out the most. It is the best of both worlds, new school functionality with old school charm. To learn more about features and pricing, check out Legacy’s website.

Here is another close look at a classic Power Wagon.